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about rené

René Porter is an award-winning realist artist from Los Angeles, known for her proficiency in oil painting and charcoal drawing. Her education at the Columbus College of Art & Design honed her skills, which she now applies to a range of subjects including figures, still lifes, and cityscapes. Light plays a pivotal role in her work, influencing the mood and setting, and she chooses her medium—oil or charcoal—to complement the subject and its context. Porter's preference for smooth surfaces allows her to render intricate detail, creating an immersive experience for the viewer.

Porter has garnered multiple accolades from prestigious organizations such as Oil Painters of America (OPA), American Women Artists (AWA), and The Beverly Hills Art Show. Her work is esteemed in both corporate and private U.S. collections.

Her creative roots were laid in Dayton, Ohio, with a father who was passionate about photography and drawing, and a mother whose seamstress expertise and encouragement propelled René's artistic journey. Her signature style—romantic and sensual—brings the female form to life against the backdrop of the natural world through her skilled use of oil and charcoal.

artist's statement

My artistry is fueled by the interplay of light, nature, and the human form. In each creation, my goal is to encapsulate not just the external allure but also the intrinsic beauty of the subjects and their environment, highlighting delicate nuances often overlooked in photographs.

The diversity present in my subjects affords me the opportunity to imbue each piece with its own distinct emotion and character. A successful painting or drawing for me is one that resonates with depth and feeling—it pulsates with life and bears a fragment of my essence.

My aspiration is to engage viewers, drawing them into the artwork, allowing them to share in the emotions I experience during its creation.

In the act of creating, I find a profound connection with the cosmos, a sense of vitality that surpasses all other moments.

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